Steps on how to get a mortgage

Steps on how to get a mortgage

When applying for a mortgage you can go directly to a bank or engage a mortgage broker. Here at MC Financial we believe that using a broker is the better option, see below the top 5 reasons why!

1/ Less Red Tape:  the service and communication lines from banks is generally very poor. Banks can also overwhelm you with financial jargon which can over complicate the process. This leaves customers confused and stressed. We understand this and take our customers by the  hand through each step. Brokers can get your mortgage approved faster through dedicated departments for brokers.

2/ Research ALL Banks: a mistake made particularly by first time buyers is to go straight to their existing bank. Making this choice can be very expensive if you are ignoring other banks with cheaper rates. Because brokers are not tied to a particular bank they can and will research the WHOLE market.

3/ Special Offers: at any given time there are a number of special offers available from the banks which can seem very attractive a broker will explain the pros and cons of these offers in an impartial bias way.

4/ They Will do the Legwork: if you go directly to a bank it can be a long, frustrating and stressful process. Brokers are specialists at presenting and negotiating  applications and have the professional qualifications and IT systems to do so. Why put yourself to all this work we you can engage a professional to do it for you?

5/ Brokers will deal with the “Outside the Box” cases:  having “outside the box” circumstances can make things even harder for you (contract employment, on probation, non resident, self employed etc). Lenders can be stricter than normal when looking at these cases. Don’t become frustrated or give up if you are in this position because mortgage brokers are very experienced and resourceful in these situations

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