Comparison of city living to country living!

It is not an uncommon thought and belief that Dublin’s housing prices are high and that houses in the countryside, you get more for your buck.

This may be true. 2015 showed that the average house price in Dublin was €356,000 compared to other counties average price being €79,000 – €100,000. Our national house price was €225,000. Second hand property is still the buyers favourite to buy with 87% of those being bought.

We chose two similar houses with similar amenities and compared the prices from different counties.

One mid-terraced house based in Kilmuckridge, Wexford is the first house we looked at. A 3 bed with a large back garden, in the main town, 5 minutes walking distance from a well-known beach and plenty of great amenities in the village. Perfect for First Time buyers. Asking price is €80,000. (Link)

Our comparison home in Donabate, Co.Dublin boasts a lovely 3 bed semi-detached house with a front and back garden. Plenty of amenities on the door step and a 15 minute walk to Donabate beach. This too is perfect for First Time buyers. Asking price is €255,000. (Link)

If you were to think like most people, you could buy 3 houses similar to that in Wexford for the price of 1 house that is just the same in Dublin and still have a bit of pocket change left over.

Is this why the home buyers in Dublin are moving outside of Dublin to get more of a bargain? The demand is high in Dublin for new homes, but it seems more and more are being pushed to look outside and even contemplate buying a plot of land and doing a self- build.

Let’s watch this space and see will the Dublin house prices settle and the rest of the counties prices rise.


Ashling O Doherty

MC Financial