Plan your pension well and enjoy retirement

Retirement can be a time of great upheaval – not just financially but emotionally, psychologically and physically. Planning your retirement well is one way you can cope with the challenges it throws your way. A planned retirement is a more enjoyable and fulfilled one. International evidence also points out that people who plan for retirement live longer and are more content than those who do not.

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Retirement can be a difficult time for some with many experiencing complex emotions after many years working, some of us may feel defined by our career and suddenly using the moniker of ‘retired’ can be a shock to the system. At MC Financial, we have helped clients early on in the career start their pension and provided financial advice to customers nearing retirement.

Whatever your stage in life, our pension expert Rob O’Neill is available to talk you through the options. To make an appointment with Rob call 01 822 8022 / 086 229 3032 or by email on or check out the MC Financial comprehensive pension page.