Save money on your mortgage with  KBC Current

Offer – Available until 31st December 2014

Michael Curtin QFA, Managing Director

KBC Bank Ireland have a special offer available for banking customers who are considering opening or switching current accounts. Until 31st December 2014, a customer who opens a KBC Current Account can avail of a 0.2% discount on KBC’s competitive new mortgage variable and fixed rates, which could be worth €322* average per year on a typical mortgage.

The mortgage offer is available now to all new owner-occupier mortgages. The offer from KBC may suit customers who are looking to buy their first or subsequent home or indeed those looking to switch mortgage providers.

Customers who already have a Current Account with KBC, or customers who open a new KBC Current Account can avail of the mortgage offer if they mandate their salary to their account and pay their new KBC Mortgage by Direct Debit from their KBC Current Account. They will then receive a flat discount of 0.2% on new business variable or fixed residential mortgage rates for the life of their mortgage.

To continue availing of the reduced rate for the lifetime of their mortgage, they must keep their salary mandated to their KBC Current Account and pay their new KBC Mortgage by Direct Debit from their KBC Current Account.

To find out more about the KBC Current Account Homeloan offer, get in touch with myself either on 01 822 8022 or 087 932 1882 or by email at

You can also fill out our mortgage enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your application shortly.

*Mortgage savings of an average of €322 per year of the mortgage are based on a €250,000 mortgage over a 20 year period at the New Business LTV Variable rate of 4.47% (APR 4.56%).

KBC_Current_Account Offer