To Switch or not to Switch that is the Question!

MC Financial constantly review Mortgage Offerings from lending institutions. To be honest we are baffled that many Mortgage holders do not avail of the current savings that are available for Variable Rate Mortgage holders.

Ladies and Gentlemen, WE at MC Financial want YOU, we need you to take back money and put it back in your pocket!

On a switcher mortgage, as recent as 4 weeks ago, one of our Clients saved themselves over €3,000 per annum with his 15 years to go. We saved €45k for our Client, to say he was delighted is an understatement.

Many mortgage holders are simply paying too much on their mortgage. FACT!

Persons whom are currently on a variable rate can save thousands simply by switching to a cheaper lender. However, there are many other reasons to look at Switching;

  • Choosing to use the savings and reduce the years on the loan
  • Maybe utilise some of the equity built up in your home for home improvements
  • The daughter’s wedding
  • Help the children get on the property ladder (wait we did this one 10 years ago)

Ok, scrap the last one, a lot of parents got into trouble helping their children. We at MC Financial always have our client’s best needs first, advice is first class and we have clients still with us 15 years later.

Ladies and Gentlemen its time to switch. Let us help you save money. Switch and Save today!


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Blogger: QFA Brian Courtney

QFA Brian Courtney  MC Financial